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Hengshui ShuangXing Carbon Electrode Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of air arc gouging pointed carbon electrode and jointed carbon electrode series. Our main products include round shape air arc gouging carbon electrodes; half round shape carbon electrodes; rectangular carbon electrodes; joint carbon electrodes; other carbon electrode products according to customers specific requirements. We have advanced production line, perfect inspection facilities. All our production is strictly under the requirement of ISO9002 standard. Besides, we have adopted the most advanced bright copper-coating technology, which makes our carbon electrode products more beautiful and durable.

Use: Arc air gouging carbon electrode is well applied in gouging low-carbon steel, cast, stainless steel, copper in wide ranges, such as shipbuilding, casting, boiler-making, pressure vessel, etc. Arc air gouging carbon electrodes show the following advantages: high efficiency, low noise, smooth plane, economic cost, high endurance and broad application.
We are providing below more information about our carbon electrode products for your reference and choice.

General Property of Air Arc Gouging Carbon Electrode:

Electrode Size And Cut Performance
Width of Groove Rod Diax1.4
Depth of Groove Rod Diax0.7
Carbon Electrode Physical and Chemical Performance
Electrical Resistance <2519m
Breaking Strength >22Mpa
Bulk Density >1.5g/cm3
Ash% <1.6%
Specification of Round Copper-Coated Gouging Carbon Electrode (D.C.)
Model DiaxLength Current
mm inches
B503.2 3.2x305 1/8x12" 130-180

B504 4x305(355) 5/32x12" (14") 150-200
B505 5x305(355) 3/16x12" (14") 200-250
B506 6x305(355) 15/64x12"(14") 300-350
B506.5 6.5x305(510) 1/4x12" (14") 320-370
B507 7x355 9/32x14" 350-400
B508 8x305(355)(510) 5/16x12" (14")(20") 400-450
B509 9x305(355) 23/64x12"(14") 450-500
B510 10x305(355)(510) 3/8x12" (14")(20") 500-550
B511 11x305(355)(510) 7/16x12" (14")(20") 600-650
B512 12x305(355) 15/32x12" (14") 750-850
B513 13x305(355)(430)(510) 1/2x12" (14")(17")(20") 800-1000
B516 16x355(430)(510) 5/8x14" (17")(20") 1000-1200
B519 19x355(430)(510) 3/4x 14" (17")(20") 1200-1400

Specification of Half Round Copper-Coated Gouging Carbon Electrodes (D.C.)

Model DiaxLength Current
mm inches
B508B 8x4x355 5/16x5/32x14" 200-250
Excellent for request broad groove but shallow etc. special site
B510B 10x5x355 3/8x3/16x14" 300-350
B513B 13x6.5x355 1/2x1/4x14" 400-450
B516B 16x8x355(510) 5/8x5/16x14"(20") 550-600
Specification of Rectangular Copper-Coated Gouging Carbon Electrode (D.C.)
Model DiaxLength Current
mm inches
B5412 4x12x355 5/32x15/32x14" 200-250 Excellent
cutting, removing of
weld and castings
Repairing or making dies.
B5510 5x10x355 3/16x25/64x14" 250-300
B5512 5x12x355 3/16x15/32x14" 300-350
B5515 5x15x305(355) 3/16x19/32x12"(14") 350-400
B5518 5x18x355 3/16x45/64x14" 400-450
B5520 5x20x355 3/16x25/32x14" 450-500
B5525 5x25x355 3/16x63/64x14" 500-550
B5620 6x20x355 15/64x25/32x14" 550-600

Jointed Copper-Coated Gouging Carbon Electrode(D.C.)

Model DiaxLength Current
mm inches
B508J 8x355 5/16x14" 500-550
Ideal for either automatic or manual torch applications. Continuous electrode feed eliminates stub loss
B509J 9x355 23/64x14" 550-600
B510J 10x355(430) 3/8x14"(17") 600-650
B511J 11x355(430) 7/16x14"(17") 650-700
B512J 12x355(430) 15/32x14"(17") 700-800
B513J 13x430(510) 1/2x17"(20") 800-1000
B516J 16x430(510) 5/8x17"(20") 1000-1200
B519J 19x430(510) 3/4x17"(20") 1200-1400

Our professional and experienced staff can also design and produce volume current carbon electrode with strip shape surface, or other special carbon electrode at your specific requirements.

Please contact us with any of your requirements. We will make a better supplier with quality products and services.


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