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Chain Link Fence & 358 Welded Mesh Fencing


Fencing wire mesh materials include galvanized welded iron wire mesh, galvanized hexagonal iron wire netting, expanded metal in stainless steel or mild steel, chain link fence or diamond wire mesh and wire coil drapery fabrics.

Chain Link Fence:

Chain link fencing has been the product of choice for security fencing for many years with diamond type wire mesh as fencing materials.

Chain Link Fence Composition:

  1. Line posts for chain link fence
  2. Corner and straining posts for chain link fence
  3. Diagonal corner bracing for chain link
  4. Fencing posts shall be securely anchored in the soil to depths
  5. The chain link fencing material shall meet the following specifications:


Minimum height of chain link- 5'-8"


Minimum wire gauge for chain link fence - 11.0 A.W.G.


Maximum mesh size - 2"


Fences to be galvanized (to CSA G164) or plastic coated

  1. The barbed wire fencing material (strands, points, spacing, galvanizing) shall meet the relative standard
  2. All accessory materials (including post caps, tension wire, tie wire, clips) shall meet the relative standard
  1. All terminal posts (posts at ends, corners or intersections), all line posts and any intermediate tensioning posts shall be set plumb into concrete footings in augured or dug holes to the depths and regular spacing.
  2. All posts shall be securely fitted with the appropriate weathertight caps and extension arms.
  3. Top and bottom tension wires shall be securely fixed taut and sag free to terminal posts and any intermediate tensioning posts. Top tension wire shall pass through line post tops.
  4. Chain link fencing mesh shall be stretched between terminal posts and any intermediate tensioning posts using proper equipment, and secured with tension bars and bands, tie wire and clips
  5. Barbed wire for chain link fence shall be installed in the slots of all extension arms and secured to extension arms at terminal and intermediate tensioning posts taut and free of sags.
  6. The fence shall be constructed in accordance with these specifications and details provided in the Schedule D:6 drawings which forms part of these specifications.

Wire mesh for chain link fences: diamond type wire mesh (rhombic wire mesh).

Finish of Chain Link Fencing Mesh: Vinyl coated, galvanized or hot-dip galvanized.

Here are the things to consider when selecting chain link fence system:

Longevity - If the fencing system is to remain for many years, be sure to consider the finish coating of the diamond type wire mesh. The color coated wire mesh chain link fencing have a long life expectancy, holding the appearance from day one throughout.

Meet local wire fence manufacturers:

Yudemei chain link fence factory offers a list of fencing solutions, either temporary or permanent. While chain link mesh is what our factory started with, it remains our focused fencing products. But we are not limited by that. Yudemei fencing fabrics are made from various metal materials in different processing methods for a wide range of applications. Chain link fencing system we supply include chain link wires of various metal materials (stainless steel, aluminized steel and aluminum alloy, galvanized steel and hot dipped galvanized, vinyl coated chain link fence and plastic green coated), chain link panels of all sizes, chain link gates for garden fencing, slat fences for privacy, chain link fence posts of studded type, T post, Y post in galvanized or plastic coated steel meeting American, Australia or Euro Standards. Also fence parts and fitting necessary for building of the whole fencing system. To achieve high levels of security for perimeter or temporary fence barriers, we also provide barbed wire or razor wire concertina coils to stop intruders.

Chain Link Fencing System:

Chain Link Fencing System: Features, Constructing of Common Grade and Security Grade Chain Link Fence System, Fencing Parts, Chain Link Wire Mesh Producing Method, Case Study of How to Build A Security Fence with Galvanized PVC Coated Chain Link Security Mesh and Barbed Wire or Razor Wire Concertina

Chain link wire mesh fences provide strong, durable and flexible construction at economic cost. Also known as Rhombic Mesh, the spiral woven structure offers good linear strength and springy texture to protect horses and other animals from injury. Yudemei chain link wire can work as permanent perimeter or temporary perimeter fencing system. The chain link mesh panels, Plastic Steel/Concrete Fence Posts and chain link gates can generate a Complete Fencing Barrier System that is extremely stable and versatile. When used together with barbed wire or concertina wire coils along the fence tops, it is a high security barrier system.

Wire diameter applied ranges from 1.6mm to 6.0mm for making of chain link mesh.

Mesh openings are commonly 1/2", 3/4", 4/5", 1", 2" and etc.

The Fencing's Chain link wire options include: - Galvanised steel, hot dipped, powder coated or PVC coated (Black or Green), stainless steel or aluminized steel. Commonly five choices in total.

Fence Panels: Heights 900, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2100 mm.

Chain Link Fence has two edge options including knuckle looped selvage and twist pointed. The knuckled selvage is the common treatment unless otherwise stated. The chain link fence with twisted selvage has sharp points at the end hence usually adds security to the whole fence system requires for higher level of safety. Photos illustration below.

Typical mesh opening type is diamond opening.

Surface treatment: Hot dipped zinc plating; Electro galvanizing; Plastic coating, Aluminised (aluminum coated) steel.

Materials popularly used include galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel.
Features and Uses: Chain link fence fabric is a versatile fencing solution for building sites, boundary fence, security fencing, partitions, storage enclosures, tennis courts, sporting fields, industrial estates etc. It is also used for hills slope and soil protection.

This fence offers stronger texture compared with welded wire fences.

Building of the Chain Link Fencing System:
Main Fence Post: Galvanized or pvc coated options according to the finishes of the fence fabrics. Y type, studded type and T type. Steel pipes, fence post cap, anchor bars. Usually Heavy galvanized with galvanized thickness of 300gr/m2 .

Beam Post, with pipes and rail ends. Galvanized or PVC coated or aluminized depending on the surface treatment of the chain link fence fabric. Heavy galvanized with galvanized thickness of 300gr/m2
Chain Link Mesh Panels: GALVANIZED + PVC GRAY, or Aluminized steel

Chain Link Gates options: Walk Gate, Single Gate, Double Swing Gate, Sliding Gate, Foldable Gate and Roll Gate.
It can be made according to the customers' exact specifications either walk gates, single gate swinging, sliding or folding. Gate illustrations as below.

The manufacturing of chain-link fencing is called spiral linking. A metal wire, often electro or hot dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance, is pulled along a rotating long and flat blade, thus creating a somewhat flattened spiral. The spiral continues to rotate past the blade and winds its way through the previous spiral that is already part of the fence. When the spiral reaches the far end of the fence, the spiral is cut near the blade.

Next, the spiral is pressed flat and the entire fence is moved up, ready for the next cycle. The end of every second spiral overlap the end of every first spiral. The machine clamps both ends and gives them a few twists. This makes the links permanent.

Finally, when put in tension and straighten the roll or fixed to fence post, the fabric shows its flexible diamond opening. This is the reason Chain Link Wire is also popularly known as RHOMBIC Mesh or Diamond Mesh.


Everbright Industrial Wire Manufactory

Add: No.123 West Weimin Road, Anping, Hebei, China
Email: sales@galvanized-wire.com
URL: http://www.galvanized-wire.com

Electro Galvanized Iron Wire
General Introduction: Electro galvanized wire is our featured product. It is made by means of wire drawing followed by heat treatment and electro galvanizing.
Materials: Carbon steel wire, mild steel wire.
Wire diameter: BWG8# to BWG16#.
We also offer thinner wire down to BWG5# or up to BWG28# upon customers specific order.
Packing: In coils or spools. Single coil package can be as small as 10 kg and up to maximum 1000 kg per coil.
Advantages: Thick zinc coating, good corrosion resistance, firm zinc coating, etc.
Forms of Supply: Can be supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire or further processed into straightened cut wire or U type wire.
Applications: This kind of industrial wire is mainly used in construction, making of wire nails and wire ropes, express way fencing, binding of flowers and wire mesh weaving.

DongXin Field Fence Factory

Add: 201 of Luoerjia Building, South of Development Zone, Dezhou, China

E-mail: sales@fieldfencing.net

Web: http://www.fieldfencing.net

Chain link fence are made of wire gauges from 14 gauge (light type fence), 12 gauge (heavy type fence) to 10 gauge (very heavy fences).

It is available in a choice of finishes - aluminum, galvanised or PVC-coated.

Chain link field fence system offers an excellent visual appearance. Its aesthetic look is especially popular.

Panels: Manufactured using chain link fabrics creating a strong and flexible panel, the mesh aperture providing excellent see through visibility.

Post System:

Standard posts are manufactured from 60 x 60 x 2.5mm. The fence post is used for quick and easy installation.


Our Chain Link Field Fence is suitable for most applications were general site partition is required typical examples are uses in field, farms and ranch, schools, public areas, commercial businesses and agriculture.

HuaLan High Tensile Fences Co., Ltd.

Chain Link Wire Fence

Chain link fence are made of wire gauges from 14 gauge (light type fence), 12 gauge (heavy type fence) to 10 gauge (very heavy fences).
It is available in a choice of finishes – aluminum, galvanised or PVC-coated.
Chain-link structure fence system offers an excellent visual appearance. Its aesthetic look is especially popular.
Panels: Manufactured using chain link fabrics creating a strong and flexible panel, the mesh aperture providing excellent see through visibility.
Post System:
Standard posts are manufactured from 60 x 60 x 2.5mm. The fence post is used for quick and easy installation.

Our Chain Link Field Fence is suitable for most applications were general site partition is required typical examples are uses in field, farms and ranch, schools, public areas, commercial businesses and agriculture.

358 Mesh Fencing Co.

Chain Link Fence and Accessories
We can offer galvanized iron chain link fence and plastic-coated iron chain link fence. Fitted with steel posts, chain link gates and accessories.

Galvanized Steel Mesh Rolls Chain Link Fence
Metallic coatings for Galvanized Chain Link Fence Fabrics (cold electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized) are standard. Galvanized steel chain link fence are made with wires pregalvanized. The wires are galvanized and the minimum zinc weight for horizontal wires is 275 g/m2 and for the vertical wires is 290 g/m2. With zinc protective layer, the gal. steel fence offers a good acid and alkaline resistance and is suitable for outdoor fencing uses against weather and sunshine. We offer fence fabrics and matching posts to complete the fencing system. The fence posts are also made of carbon steel treated with galvanizing coating layer. Posts types include peach post, square post, Holland posts. Galvanized chain link can also be used as decorative mesh in modern buildings.

Why Galvanized Steel Chain Link Fence a universal fencing?
Galvanized steel chain link fence is supplied in mesh rolls.Galvanized chain link fence is the most popular and economic cost type. Other types of chain link costs higher due to more processing steps involved ( for example, the plastic coated chain link fence needs additional plastic coating besides galvanizing) and materials cost ( for example, stainless steel costs much higher compared with mild steel wire applied for the galvanized steel chain link mesh).

So, if you emphasize on colors, plastic coated chain link fence is your best choice for it can be painted freely to many colors.

Stainless steel chain link fence come to the application of high grade fencing and maintaining free sites;

Low carbon steel diamond mesh has a heavy galvanized coating to ensure a long life. Galvanized fence is chosen for its zinc protective property, economic cost and bright shine surface.

Steel wire mesh fencing provides an aesthetically pleasing yet strong barrier. Each fence panel is produced by an automatic hooking woven process. The simple, clean lines are particularly suitable for both prestige and security applications including residential, sports, leisure and industrial uses. Woven diamond pattern provides strong, durable and flexible construction.

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Temporary Fencing Rhombic Opening Steel Mesh Flexible Structure Hot Dipped Galvanised


Aperture: 50*50mm, 60*60mm

Wire Diameter: 3.0mm, 4.0mm or 5.0mm

Mesh Size (H*W):1800*2500mm or 2000*3000mm
Roll length: 0.5-50m
Roll width: 0.5-3m

Post and Mesh: Galvanized/powder coating/PVC coated

Installation: Pre-buried or Screw Fixing

Surface treatment: Electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, pvc coated.

Processing of Chain Link Fence Fabrics and Posts:
Fence Panel Process: Wire Drawing → Wire Straightening & Wire Cutting → Weaving in Rhombic Opening → Folds/Curves Bending → Electric Galvanizing/Hot-dipped Galvanizing → PVC Coating /Spraying → Packing → Loading

Fence Post Process: Raw Material → Cutting → Hole Drilling → Electro Galvanizing/Hot-dipped Galvanizing → Sandblasting → PVC Coating/Spraying → Packing → Loading


Heavy Hot Dipped Galvanized 358 Mesh High Security Fence with Y Profile Post Making Anti Climbing and Anti Cutting Barriers

358 security fence is made of close rectangular opening welded mesh with finger proof aperture. 358 Welded Mesh is usually used with concertina ( razor wire ) for high security fencing uses. Supported by Y profile steel posts. The fencing system is heavy hot dipped galvanized and pvc coated to RAL standard colors.

Green PVC Coated Steel 358 Mesh High Security Fencing:

Wire diameter before PVC Coating: 4.0mm
Height X Length: 2.5X2.5m
Post (Y profile): 60X80X3.0mmX3.7m
Surface finish:Hot dipped galvanized and PVC Coated
Include its accessories

• Heights: 1.8m, 2m, 2.4m, 2.7m, 3.0m, 4.0m,4.2m,4.8m, 5.2m
• Horizontal Wires: 4mm @ 12.7mm centres
• Vertical Wires: 4mm @ 76.2mm centres

One set includes one fence panel, one post and its accessories.
Colour range choices: Green (RAL 6005) , Black (RAL 9005), Gentian Blue (RAL 5010) Sapphire Blue (RAL 5003), Flame Red (RAL 3000), Wine Red (RAL 3005), Traffic Grey (RAL 7042), etc.

Anti Climb and Anti Cut Welded Mesh Panels

358 Welded Mesh with Posts and Fixing System

358 Anti-Climb Mesh Panels with Green Powder Coating

Security Mesh Perimeter Fencing Barrier

Black PVC Coated Galvanized Wire Mesh Fence


2D Double wire 358 fence Or 3D Curvy Welded 358 Mesh Fence

Y Post for 358 Mesh Fence

Y Post for 358 Mesh Fence

Advantages of 358 Fence compared with Chain Link Fence
'358' comes from its measurements 3" x 0.5" x 8 gauge which equates to approx. 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric. It is a professional welded mesh structure designed for high security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavily zinc or RAL coulor Powder coating.

Comparing with chain link fence, 358 security fence is a special fencing panel offers more small openings, no toe or finger holds. 358 Mesh has robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult. The flat and two-dimensional profile is easier to see through than chain link.

Concertina Razor wire: Hot dipped galvanized steel razor blade coils.

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