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Expanded Metal Patterns

Expanded Metals can be supplied in different openings, typically standard diamond shape; heavy type Tortoise-shaped expanded metal or hexagonal shape; flattened diamond or hexagonal shape; and some special shapes or designs.

Standard Diamond Expanded Metals:
Rhombic Shaped Expanded Metal is the standard expanded metal products, also named diamond shaped. Standard expanded metal products can be made from a wide range of metal materials.

Heavy Type Hexagon Shaped Expanded Metal:
Also known as Tortoise-shaped expanded metals. A kind of heavy-type expanded metal, reinforced compared with the regular diamond shaped expanded matals.

Flattened Expanded Metals:
This kind of expanded metal finds similar application as perforated metals as fences, construction or building decoration.

Special Shape Expanded Metal Sheets:

We can also supply expanded metals in special alloy materials or special shape and sizes. Mainly for decoration purpose.


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