Galvanized Wire and Iron Wire

We mainly introduce related wire manufacturers in this page, also information on galvanized wire, steel wire and iron wire.

General Introduction: Materials for iron wire can be low carbon steel, medium carbon steel or high carbon steel. Finish of iron wire can be hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, PVC coated, black annealed, bright galvanized or oil painted. Standard packing: Iron wire is usually packed in coils of 0.5kg to 800kg packed with plastic foil or Hessian/PVC cloth

Galvanized Iron Wire:

Galvanized iron wire applications: Galvanized wire is mainly used as Steel wool, Wire for Mesh, Spring wires, Rope wires, Wires for Weaving, Knitting wires, scrubbing wires, wire for control cable, wire for Telecom cable, wire for braiding hoses, wire for conveyor belts, Free cutting wires, Lashing wires, wires for welding, Tig and Mig wires, Nail wires, Spoke wires, Redrawing Wires, Industrial Stainless Steel wires, Wires for Constructions, Stitching Wire, Armouring Cable Wire, Staple Wire, etc.

Garden Tying Wire:

Green plastic covered wire suitable for light tying and training tasks .

Garden tying wire is on 50 metre coil pocket sized reel .

Galvanised (Galvanized) Tying Wire:

Fine galvanised wire suitable for many tying tasks

•  50 metre coil pocket sized reel

•  Integral cutter

•  Ideal for attaching hanging labels

Galvanised (Galvanized) Wire:

20m reel of galvanised wire, 2mm in diameter.

Galvanized wire offers shiny surface soon weathers to a dull grey.

Galvanized Steel Wire:
For weaving of galvanized wire mesh, galvanized wire cloth, galvanized hardware cloth, galvanized welded iron wire mesh, galvanized welded iron wire cloth, galvanized hexagonal iron wire netting and different fences.

Electro Galvanized Wire:
Common standard electro galvanized wire;
Fine electro galvanized wire.
Electro galvanized wire finds popular application in mesh weaving, binding wire and garden wire.

Hot-dipped Galvanized Wire:
Hot-dipped galvanized wire is also written as zinc plated wire, or thermal galvanized wire. Processing of Hot-dip Galvanized Wire:
Hot dipped galvanized iron wire is made with choice low carbon steel wire, through the process of wire drawing, acid washing and rust removing, annealing and coiling.

Hot-dip Galvanized Iron Wire Features:
Hot-dip galvanized wire we produce offers excellent flexibility and softness. The zinc coating can be 100g/m2, 200g/m2 and 300g/m2. Single coil package for hot-dip galvanized iron wire can be different from 10 kg to 1000 kg. Custom orders for hot-dip galvanized wire also available.

Hot-dip Galvanized Wire Application: This kind of wire is extensively used in construction, handicrafts, woven wire mesh, express way fencing mesh, packaging of products and other daily uses.

Mild Steel Wire:

Mild steel wire variety:

Bright mild steel wire;

Galvanized mild steel wire.

Mild steel wire is for weaving of mild steel wire mesh and mild steel wire cloth. Mild steel wire can be classified into electro galvanized wire, hot-dipped galvanized wire, annealed wire, black iron wire, etc. These four major categories of mild steel wire are served seemingly similar fields while the processing and material can be apparently different:

Electro galvanize mild steel wire is mainly used in making of metal wire mesh, wire nails, fencing wire and binding wire for construction;

Hot-dip galvanized mild steel wire is mainly used in weaving of wire mesh, expressway fencing and construction;

Annealed wire is mainly used as tie wire or wire ties in construction.

Black iron wire is also used as binding wire or wire tie in construction.

Carbon Steel Wire:
Carbon steel wire can be processed into galvanized steel wire for weaving of carbon steel woven wire mesh and carbon steel woven wire cloth.

Meet related manufacturers:

Hengbang Metal Wire:
Description: Galvanized wire, wire tie, annealed wire, carbon steel wire, etc.

Profile of Hengbang Metal Wire:

Huaruida Galvanized Wire
Description: Electro galvanized wire, hot-dip galvanized wire and annealed wire.

Sunshine Metal Product Factory
Iron wire, PVC coated wire, galvanized wire, wire mesh and so on.

Jiacheng Metal Wire Drawing & Mesh Weaving Co., Ltd.
Description: Manufacturer of galvanized wire, tying wire and more.

Hongli Metal Wire Product Factory
Description: Galvanized wire big coil, electro galvanized and hot-dip galvanized.

M & M Wire Co.
Description: China leading manufacturer of iron wire, redrawing tie wire, loop wire, etc.

Anping Galvanized Wire Factory


Description: Professional manufacturer of galvanized wire, coil wire and black iron wire.

Jian Eccta Galvanized Wire Mesh Co.

Description: Manufacturer of galvanized wire and galvanized wire mesh.

Anping Yonghong Wire Mesh Co.
Major Products: Galvanized wire, PVC coated iron wire, galvanized square wire mesh, hexagonal wire netting, micron filter wire cloth, etc.
Contact: No.58 Yuhua Road, Anping County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, P. R. China.
Post Code: 053600
Tel: 0086-318-7511696
Fax: 0086-318-7538976

Anxin Wire Mesh Co.


Major Products: Galvanized iron wire, soft black wire, stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire mesh, welded wire mesh, clean ball wire and other products.

Contact: Anping County Anxin Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Address: North Side Of Zhengrao Road,Anping,Hebei,China
Post:053600   Fax: 86-318-7611981
Tel: 86-318-7611188 E-mail:

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