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Wire Mesh Products
Woven Wire Products ( 22 )
stainless steel woven wire mesh fabrics  brass woven wire mesh fabrics  red copper woven wire mesh  phosphor bronze wire mesh  woven wire screen  nickel woven wire mesh  aluminum wire mesh  silver wire mesh  titanium wire mesh  other woven wire products  
Woven Wire Cloth ( 13 )
stainless steel Dutch woven wire cloth  brass woven wire cloth  black iron woven wire cloth  nickel woven wire cloth  MONEL wire cloth  special alloy woven wire cloth  others  
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh ( 43 )
stainless steel wire  stainless steel wire mesh square opening  Dutch woven stainless steel wire cloth  stainless steel insect screening  others  
Insect Screening ( 16 )
aluminum insect screening  fiberglass insect screening  galvanized insect screening  stainless steel insect screening  PVC coated insect screening  enameled coated insect screening  plastic insect screening  others  
Welded Wire Mesh ( 33 )
welded wire mesh for fencing  welded wire mesh for construction  welded wire mesh panels  electric galvanized welded mesh  hot-dip galvanized welded mesh  stainless steel welded wire mesh  PVC coated welded wire mesh  others  
Galvanized Wire Mesh ( 14 )
galvanized square wire mesh  galvanized hexagonal wire netting  galvanized welded wire mesh  galvanized wire mesh fence  galvanized iron insect screening  others  
Wire Mesh Fencing ( 32 )
chain link fence  euro fence  expressway fences  security fencing  galvanized wire fencing  PVC coated wire mesh fences  aluminum wire mesh fences  wire mesh gratings  wire mesh partitions  others  
Hexagonal Wire Netting & Gabions ( 17 )
electro galvanized hexagonal wire netting  hot-dip galvanized hexagonal wire netting  gabions  stainless steel hexagonal wire netting,  PVC coated hexagonal wire netting  others  
PVC Coated Wire Mesh ( 7 )
PVC Coated Wire  PVC coated welded wire mesh  PVC coated insect screening  PVC coated hexagonal wire netting  PVC coated wire mesh fencing  others  
Expanded Metals ( 12 )
aluminum expanded metal  expanded steel  nickel expanded metal  brass expanded metal  titanium expanded metal  others  
Perforated Metals ( 2 )
carbon steel perforated metal  stainless steel perforated metal  aluminum perforated metal  brass perforated metal  galvanized perforated metal  others  
Constructional Wire Mesh ( 9 )
high-ribbed formwork  rib-lath  angle bead  wall pad welded wire mesh sheet  welded wire mesh for construction reinforcement  others  
Polyester Mesh ( 4 )
polyester printing screen  polyester spiral mesh  polyester forming fabric  polyester belt  others  
Iron Wires & Steel Wires ( 63 )
galvanized wire  fencing wire  barbed wire  razor wire  annealed wire  tie wire  rebar tie wire  loop tie wire  pvc coated wire  carbon steel wire  others  
Stainless Steel Wire ( 7 )
stainless steel fine wire  stainless steel yarn  
Various Metal Wires ( 2 )
brass wire  silver wire  nickel wire  others  
Wire Processed Products ( 11 )
iron wire nails  wire mesh strainers  wire mesh baskets  wire mesh conveyor belt  wire shelves  wire containers  others  
Filter Elements ( 7 )
filter discs  stainless steel pleated filter elements  cylinder filter elements  air filters  oil filters  filter bags  filter baskets  others  
Filter Materials ( 6 )
sintered fiber web  laminated wire mesh sheets  knitted wire mesh for filter  oven filter wire cloth  filter papers  
Wire Mesh Machines ( 30 )
welded wire mesh machine  hexagonal wire netting machine  chain link fence machine  expanded metal machine  wire mesh weaving machine  barbed wire machine  fiberglass insect screen machine  galvanized wire machine  stainless steel wire machine  
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