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Galvanized Wire & Mesh Products

Get Information about Galvanized Wire & Mesh Products. With commodity description, material, processing going through, finishes and contact information.
Galvanized wire classified according to the application, form of processing and treatment.

wire mesh Armouring Cable Wire
Made of galvanised iron wire, specially for armouring cable.
Electro Galvanized Wire
Going through the eletro galvanizing, the wire offers good corrosion resistance.
Fulltime Job Hot Dipped Zin Coated Wire
Thermally galvanizing wire with thick zinc coating layer. Much better property compared with electro galvanized wire.
Wire Mesh Galvanized Steel Wire
Made of low carbon, medium carbon and high carbon steel wire. Can be further processed into tye wire or binding wire.
Freelance Job Galvanized Iron Wire
Commonly used as fencing wire, weaving wire for galvanized wire mesh.
wire mesh Baling Wire
Industrial binding wire for cotton baling specially.
wire mesh Binding Wire
Constructional wire. Can be black iron wire, galvanized wire or plain iron wire.
Spring Steel Wire
For making of spring wire, bed mattress, etc.
wire mesh Stitching Wire
Also known as staple wire. Flat wire or round wire.
wire mesh Welding Wire
Made of galvanized iron wire, welded together through automatic processing.
wire mesh Galvanized Wire Mesh or written as Galvanised Wire Mesh
Plain woven into square opening with galvanised steel wire. Used as hardware cloth or screening materials.
wire mesh Barbed Wire
With galvanized iron wire as major materials, barbed wire has two finishes: galvanized or plastic coated.
wire mesh Carbon Steel Wire
Mild steel wire can be galvanized or PVC coated. Three grades of carbon content.
wire mesh Copper Coated Steel Hose Wire
Specially for making of wire braided rubber hoses. Copper coated.
wire mesh Stainless Steel Spring Wire
Offers certain elasticity. Suitable for making of springs.
wire mesh Annealed Wire
Oxygen free annealing adds more flexibility to the wire.
wire mesh Black Annealed Wire
Supplied in the form of coil wire, spool wire and big packages. Mainly as binding wire and wire ties.
wire mesh Black Iron Wire
Oil tampered black iron wire. Low cost. Universal uses.
wire mesh Galvanized Square Opening Wire Mesh
Meshes can be 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, etc. Used as screening materials or window screen.
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