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Rabbit cage wire

  FROM Date:2007-11-30 Author :wiremesh


Indoor rabbit cages  

Indoor rabbit cages are great for you and your pet rabbit.

We have everything you need for you indoor rabbit cages.

Bass Equipment has been designing, manufacturing and selling indoor rabbit cages for years so you can count on a quality indoor rabbit cage at a great price.

Maybe you have more than one pet rabbit that you need an indoor rabbit cage for.

The stackable indoor rabbit cages offer you a space saving way to keep your rabbit indoors without using up too much floor space.

Rabbit Cages  

White Rabbit in Hutch, Rabbit Cage

Our Cages are constructed with 1" x 2" 14 gauge wire tops and sides, and  1/2" x 1" 16 gauge floors. This is high quality, galvanized before welded, wire. Galvanized after welded wire is much higher in price and does not have the smooth finish that galvanized before has, making sanitation and cleaning much more difficult. However, galvanized after welded wire is available on request. Call for prices.

All Cages are complete with doors installed, door hanger (if applicable), floor spreader(36" and wider cage compartments only), and J-Clips required for assembly. We are not included in cage price and should be ordered separately for ease of assembly.


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