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  • Chemical Industry:

    Silicon Monoxide ( SIO) Factory: manufacturer of sio used in thinfilm coating and optical coating.

  • Hebei YaTai Chemical Plant: manufacturer of persulphate and chlorate series chemical products,mainly ammonium persulfate, potassium perchlorate, sodium chlorate and sodium perchlorate.

    Dongfeng Group: It is the biggest manufacturer of sebacic acid in China,also produce sebacic acid related products.

  • Hebei Meilida Pigment Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino -American joint venture company. The annual production capacity of Phthalocyanine blue pigments is 1800 tons,

    Jiheng Group: the biggest producer of cyanuric acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurate(DCCA) and trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) in China,also produce potassium bromate sodium bromite and other chemical industrial products

  • Renyuan Group: produce highly active spherical Ni(OH)2, power Ni-MH battery and Ni-Cd battery

  • Anping Fireworks Factory - manufacturer and exporter of large firework shells and displays.
  • Hengshui Fireworks Factory: Hengshui Fireworks Factory takes a lead of the display fireworks enterprises in China with a good reputation at home and abroad.
  • Metal and Machinery:

    Anji Wire Mesh Co : produces and exports metal wire mesh and metal wire cloth,filter disc in China Anping County.

    Anping Kangda Wire Mesh Factory: manufactures wire mesh and wire related products.

    Anxin Wire Mesh Co.: offers stainless steel wire mesh and brass wire cloth in plain weave, twill weave and dutch weave.

    Anping Metal Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd :
    Anping Metal Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd is specializing in the production and sales of various metal wire mesh and metal wire cloth.

  • Bee Products:
    FC Bee Products Factory: top manufacturer of bees products in China: beeswax and beeswax decolored, propolis and propolis powder, bees honey, fresh royal jelly and jelly powder, bee pollen and comb foundation, etc.

    Shenzhou Peanuts Processing Factory : manufacturer of Peanut ( Groundnut) Kernels, Blanched Peanut, Shelled Peanut and Groundnut in Shell.

  • Animal By-Products:

    Anping Bristles & Tails Group :
    Anping County has a history of more than 400 years in bristle and animal tail hair process.This group mainly process and export horse tail hair,horse mane hair,goat hair,other animal hair,horse tail hair lining cloth etc.

  • Agricultural Products:

    Zengyou Medicinal Materials Trading Company: exporter of rhizome varieties, blossom and leaf varieties, seed, peanut fruit and grains varieties, complete herbaceous varieties, skins varieties, vine and resin varieties, hypha and algae varieties, animal varieties, and mineral varieties, etc

    Wuqiang Chilli Industrial (Group) Co.,Ltd :
    top chilli supplier in Chilli Export Base County of China- Wuqiang County.

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