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WireMeshManufacturers(WMM) aims to build a comprehensive online information data of wire mesh manufacturers of China and to maintain the good reputation of China wire mesh manufacturers and exporters by only approving reliable companies as members.

If any of members are found not to follow the international practice in doing business, they will be deleted from our lists.

If there are any complains or disputes with our member companies, you are welcome to contact us, we will help solve the problem. This service is for free.

Some of our members are comprehensive companies dealing with various wire mesh products, while some of them concentrate with one or two major kinds and have achieved great development in their quality and export. We try to classify them by the featured products as you can see from the following pages and make it easier for the buyers to find their potential ideal partners.

If you are confused choosing, as there are so many factories and companies, you can send us by email or filling in the Feedback Forms with your inquiry, we will help recommend our most related companies to you. This service is free, and efficient.
Members Featured in Wire Mesh:

We include member companies involved in Woven Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal, Perforated Metal, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Vibrating Screen, Wedge Wire Screen and Various Wire Mesh Products here.

Some of them are good at one of the woven wire products like stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire cloth or galvanized hardware cloth, some of them feature at metal fabricated screens, while most of them can supply full range of wire mesh products for customers.

Anping Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.wire-product.com
Send Email: denisli2006@yahoo.com

Anping County Wire And Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.wireandwiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@wireandwiremesh.com

Ruiqilong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Visit this member: www.rql-wiremesh.com
Send E-mail: info@rql-wiremesh.com

Hebei Longxing Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Visit this member: www.china-wiremeshes.com
Send E-mail: info@china-wiremeshes.com

Anping Anhua Wire Mesh Factory

Anping Fuhua Wire Mesh Co.

Anping YongMing PVC Coated Wire Mesh Factory
E-mail: info@china-fence.com ; jiangzhaohan@yahoo.com
Catic wire mesh Co., Ltd.
email. :sales@catic-wiremesh.com.cn

Anping QianKun Hardware & Wire Mesh Manufacture Co., Ltd. E-mail:sales@mesh-filter.com
Hebei Youlian Wire mesh Co.,ltd.

Qinghe Metal Mesh Co., Ltd.
Peaceful Hardware & Mesh Co.
Send Email: sales@peacewiremesh.com
Anping Jinke Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Send E-mail:sales@jinkewiremesh.com
Metech Welded Mesh Inc.
Visit this member: www.weldedwiremesh.net
Send Email: weldedwiremesh2007@yahoo.com.cn

Wetter Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.stainlesssteelwiremesh.net
Send Email: wiremeshwiremesh@yahoo.com.cn
Anping Lantian Steel Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.steelwiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@steelwiremesh.com
Aping Woven Wire Cloth Factory
Visit this member: www.wovenwire.net
Send Email: wovenwire006@yahoo.com.cn

Anping Guanda Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.wire-mesh.biz
Send E-mail: sales@wire-mesh.biz
Antai Vibrating Screen:
Visit this member: www.wiremeshes.org
Send Email: sales@wiremeshes.org
Aping Xintai Metal Wire Cloth Co.
Visit this member: www.wirecloth.net.cn
Send Email: sales@wirecloth.net.cn

Anping Xinzheng Metal Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd. E-mail:sales@wiremesh-wiremesh.com
Wanda wire mesh Co.
Fulida Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Anping Hongtong Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Sunlight Metal Product Factory

Anping Yuandong Wire Mesh Factory

Beijing ZhongFang Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd.
E-mail: sales@zhongfangwiremesh.com

Anping Sun Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.creativeweave.org

Anping Fuhua Wire Mesh Co.
E-mail: sales@fuhua-wiremesh.com
Anping Wire Mesh Group Corporation

Anping Hongyu Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
E-mail: sales@wiremesh-product.com
Anping Fengxiang Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Anping Jiangtai Wire Mesh Producing Co., Ltd
GuangHongQuan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Anping Wire Mesh Machine Factory

Jiahua Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Anping County Huaxi Wire Mesh Co.Ltd.
Hebei Anping County Tongling Metal Wire Mesh Factory
Anping YongTai Wire Mesh Weaving Factory
Anping HuaCheng Wire Mesh Machine Factory
Anping Hope Hardware Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Anping Zhiwei Wire Drawing & Wire Mesh Weaving Factory

Tianshan Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.wiremesh-screen.com
Send Email: sales@wiremesh-screen.com
Anping Shengfa Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.shengfa-wiremesh.com
Send Email: info@shengfa-wiremesh.com

Anping Furit Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.furit-wiremesh.com
Send Email: info@furit-wiremesh.com

Anping Yongsheng Wire Mesh Manufacture Co.
Visit this member: www.yongshengwiremesh.com
Send Email: info@yongshengwiremesh.com

Anping Yusheng Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.yusheng-wiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@yusheng-wiremesh.com
Hengshui HMC Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.hmc-wiremesh.com
Send Email: info@hmc-wiremesh.com
Aping Jiulong Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.jiulong-wiremesh.com
Send Email: info@jiulong-wiremesh.com

Anping Wire Mesh Factory
Visit this member: www.wiremeshfactory.com
Send Email: export@wiremeshfactory.com

Anji Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.anjiwiremesh.com
Send Email: info@anjiwiremesh.com

Eccta Wire Mesh Co.
Visit this member: www.galvanizedwiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@galvanizedwiremesh.com

Hebei Fangzheng Metal Net Co.
Visit this member: www.fzwiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@fzwiremesh.com
Aping Transglobal Metal Product Co.
Visit this member: www.metal-mesh.com
Send Email: sales@metal-mesh.com
Aping YingKaiMo Metal Net Co.
Visit this member: www.china-wiremesh.com
Send Email: sales@china-wiremesh.com

Aping Kanglida Metlanet Co.
Visit this member: www.chinawirenetting.com
Send Email: info@chinawirenetting.com
ATS Hebei Jietong Wire Cloth Co.
Visit this member: www.atsjietongwirecloth.com
Send Email: sales@atsjietongwirecloth.com

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