Our Mission

To build a comprehensive information data of wire mesh manufacturers of China;
To provide a forum for the exchange of information on technical matters and trade among member companies;
To serve as a source of information on wire mesh for importers, purchasers and end users;
To maintain the good reputation of China wire mesh manufacturers by only approving reliable companies as members and to kick off those companies from our sources if they are proved to have bad conductions;
To help solve complaints and disputes during international trade.

Along with the trends both domestic and overseas, and to enhance the export and technology improvement of China wire mesh, WMM is determined to expand the sphere and objects of our service to achieve our goal of providing efficient and sound service for promoting Sino-foreign trade contacts and economic & technological exchanges & cooperation. We wholeheartedly appreciate sincere cooperation and kind support extended by both Chinese and foreign companies and organizations in industrial & business circles.

Served Scope:
Manufacturers of Wire Mesh.
Exporters of Wire Mesh.
Manufacturers / Suppliers of machines for weaving, welding and making of metal wire and mesh products and related / allied services.
Providers of wire raw material, technology and testing devices.

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