Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd. has its own wire drawing equipment and workshops. We mainly produce and offer various metal wire for industrial use, like nickel wire, stainless steel wire and other nonferrous metal wire, sizes normally from 0.03mm to 2.0mm. Please refer to lists below for detail information.
Industrial Woven Wire Cloth, Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave
Anping Yongsheng Wire Mesh Co. has developed another type of industrial woven wire cloth, full name as industrial woven wire cloth, twilled reverse Dutch weave.

Use: This kind of stainless woven wire cloth is mainly used in producing PVC machinery.


152mesh x 24mesh per inch x 0.3mm wire diameter x 0.4mm wire diameter

260mesh x 40mesh per inch x 0.16mm wire diameter x 0.22 wire diameter

132mesh x 14mesh per inch

Material: Stainless steel wire

Weave type: Twilled Reverse Dutch Weave

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