Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd. provide expanded mesh in nickel, brass, aluminum, nickel coated stainless steel plate, tin, zinc and silver, etc. Its thickness is from 0.10mm to 10mm, minimum opening diameter TL1mm x TB2mm. Mainly used in batteries, like Ni-MH battery, Ni-Cd battery and lithium ion cells. We offer expanded mesh in different materials and sizes according to customers' requirements. More detailed information on brass expanded mesh are provided in this page below.
Brass Expanded Mesh

Appearance: Flat, without black spot, oil stains, no wrinkle, no connected hole, clear diamond, no breaking stick.

Density of area: 300+/-30g/square meter

Thickness: 0.3+/-0.03mm

Opening: diamond shape, opening at 1.3x2.5mm


1, 36+/-0.25mm(after side folding)

2, 43+/-0.25mm(after side folding)

3, 37+/-0.25mm

4, 42+/-0.25mm

Thickness of folding side: width of every side is 2.2-2.5mm

Strength: The strength of brass expanded mesh with a width of 40mm, when tested at the expanded length of 300mm, is more than 2kg.

Flexibility: No broken for 5 times repeated folding.

Note: We can also do processing according to customer's specific requirements.


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