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Get latest information on Wire Mesh from www.China-Hshui.Com, with classified categories and kinds as Engineering Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh, Wire Fabricated Products, Wire Cloth, Square Wire Mesh, Architectural Mesh, Construction Mesh, Electro Galvanized Wire and Galvanized Wire Netting, Poultry Fence, Knitted Wire Mesh Filters, and much more wire related products. With Commodity Description, Material, Aperture and Sizes Information. We welcome your ideas and comments on the technical informations presented here, also we welcome your inquiries on the products. Both can be done quickly by filling the Feedback Forms.
Wire Mesh Panels:

Wire mesh panels are called fence panels used for fencings while called reinforcing mesh when applied to brickwork or concrete strengthening. Mostly welded wire mesh panels made with wire welded together. Browse the offers below for detailed information on Mesh Panels:

Mesh Panel

Wire Panel, Woven or Welded

Fence Panel

Fencing Mesh Panels
Wire Mesh Fence:
Wire fence is one important product in our daily life to protect the houses, buildings, railway, airport and various sites. Made of metal wire welded or woven together for a variety of uses. Used as chicken netting or poultry fences.
Browse listed offers below for detailed information about materials and specifications.

Agriculture Fencing

Chain Link Fence

Aluminum Chain Link

Security Fence

Steel Wire Fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Aluminum Fence

Fences assortment according to where it is used:

Chicken Wire Fences

Poultry Netting

Poultry Wire

Barbed Wire Fence

Concertina Fencing

Concertina Coil Fences

Wall Spikes (Bird Spike)


Constructional Engineering Mesh:

Angle Bead for Plasters

Architectural Mesh

Metal Wire Fabrics for Architecture

Decorative Wire Mesh

Construction Wire Mesh

Engineering Mesh

Reinforcing Mesh

Expanded Metal Lath

Metal Mattress for Shoe Scraper


Welded Wire Mesh

One of the most popular category of metal wire mesh - Welded Wire Mesh. Square Opening, Electro Galvanized or Hot Dipped Galvanized or Plastic Coated. In mild steel or stainless steel. Supplied in welded mesh rolls or sheet panels. With Commodity Description, Material, Aperture and Sizes Information. For engineering, concrete construction, reinforcing, brickwork building, wireworks and making of wire mesh shelves, dog cages, live traps, barriers, protection and gratings. Browse the offers listed below.

Coated Welded Wire Mesh

Galvanized Welded Mesh

Gaviones Industrializados

PVC Coated Welded Mesh Rolls

Square Welded Mesh

Treillis Soudes

Weld Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh Panel

Welded Wire Fabric

Welded Wire Mesh Sheets

Welded Wire Panel for Reinforcing

Weld Mesh Cloth

Wire Mesh for Concrete Reinforcement

Welded wire mesh can be processed into welded wire fence fabrics for various protection and fencing.


Wire Mesh Machines:

Get information on machines for making of various wire mesh. Including Welding and Wire Mesh Weaving Machines (Weaving Looms).

Wire Netting:
Mainly refers to hexagonal opening galvanized wire netting twisted for poultry or stucco netting.

Expanded Metal and Perforated Metals:

Expanded metal and perforated metal make the two major metal fabricated sheets that are finding more and more applications in construction, architecture, fences, filter, etc. In a wide range of sheet thickness, sheet sizes and opening patterns.

Aluminum Expanded Metal Sheet

Expanded Metal Angle Bead

Expanded Metal Machine

Expanded Wire Mesh

Expanded Metal Screen

Expanded Metal in Carbon Steel

Perforated Plates

Perforated Metal Screen

Perforated Sheets

Steel Gratings:

Expanded Steel Gratings

Welded Steel Gratings


Wire Products:

Metal wire can be fabricated and processed into various wire finished products for daily and commercial uses.

1. Wire Belt and Wire Rope:

Wire Mesh Belt

Wire Conveyor Belt of Chain Link and Other Types

Wire Rope made of Mild Steel

2. Welding Wire:
Mainly refers to Steel Welding Wire and Tig Welding Wire.

3. Wire Mesh Strainers:

Wire Cloth Fabricated Tea Strainers

Wire Mesh Strainers for Sinks

4. Go to other wire products: Wire mesh shelves, wire racks, grills, wire partitions, etc.


Sintered Metal Mesh: Wire mesh made by a special processing - sintering instead of welding and weaving. Made of multi-layer metal wire mesh. Mainly used for filter discs and filter elements.

Galvanized Hardware Cloth

Reinforcement Mesh

Sintered Wire Mesh Filter
Fiberglass Mesh Offers List at www.Fiberglassinsectscreen.net:

Fiberglass mesh fabrics mainly serve as insect screening (solar shade screen fabrics) for doors and windows of hotels, houses and daily uses. It also makes important fabric for geogrid materials after being alkali coated reinforcement. Fiberglass adhensive tape is used as plaster drywall tapes in construction. Also writtend as fibre glass mesh, glass fiber insect screen or window screen.


Polyester Mesh Industrial Screen:

Polyester Bolting Cloth

Polyester Dryer Fabric

Polyester Forming Fabric

Polyester Screen

Polyester Screen Cloth

Sludge Dewatering Polyester Belt


Wire Mesh in Different Languages:

Rete Saldata

Toile Metallique

Telas Metalicas

Tele Metalliche

Alambre Galvanizado


Other Hardware Products:

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

Stainless Steel Pipe Fitting


We have specific pages on specific wire mesh products not listed here. You might go and view now:

Wire Mesh Screen:
For wedge wire screen, sieve bend and other industrial screen, go to the specific page.

Woven Wire Mesh:
Browse for stainless steel woven wire mesh, pre-crimped woven wire mesh, brass wire mesh and aluminum mesh.

Wire Cloth:

Browse for fine woven wire cloth and wire cloth made filter elements.

Knitted Wire Mesh:
Click for knitted wire mesh demisters, breathers and filters. In the form of fabrics, pad and tubes.

Galvanized Wire:
Click for galvanized wire, steel wire, black annealed wire and tie wire.


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