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Wire Cloth in Rolls, Stripes, Pieces and Fabricated Filters

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wire mesh Woven Wire Cloth
Not welded, but by weaving of the wire, to form a netting fabric.
Filter Wire Cloth
The name is got by the popular application as filter media.
Fulltime Job Brass Wire Cloth
Woven brass wire fabrics specially for filtration of gas, liquid and powers....
Wire Mesh Hardware Wire Cloth
Mainly refers to galvanized wire mesh for industrial applications.
Freelance Job SS Wire Cloth
Simplified form for Stainless Steel Wire Cloth.
wire mesh Welded Wire Cloth
Also known as welded wire or welded mesh. As fencing or construction materials.
wire mesh Wire for Weaving
Stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and annealed wire for weaving of filter cloth.
Candle Filter
Candle filter (filter candle) is mainly used as reusable filter element in synthetic fiber melt filtration.
wire mesh Filter Disc
Disk screen is wire cloth fabricated disc type filter screen.
wire mesh Filter Element
Pleated wave type and pipe type filter cartridges. With
wire mesh Filter Wire Mesh
The primary use of woven wire cloth is filter wire mesh fabrics.
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