QianKun| wire mesh

Stainless Steel Mesh Series

Plain Woven Wire Mesh
Twilled Woven Wire Mesh
Dutch Woven Wire Cloth

Wire Mesh Processed product

Wire Mesh Discs
Wire Mesh Filling Stuff
Filter Baskets
Pack Filters
Wire Mesh Containers
Barbecue Grill Netting

Other Metal Mesh products

Welded Wire Mesh
Wire Mesh Fences
Chain Link Fence
Perforated Metals
Crimped Wire Mesh
Black Wire Cloth
Expanded Metal Sheet
Hexagonal wire netting



The aim of QianKun is to make choice wire mesh products at the most possible economic cost for the market.

The Advantages of QianKun is its rich experiences in woven wire mesh and woven wire cloth and its processed wire products.

Being Effective: To provide satisfactory services and solution to customers at the shortest time.

Emphasizing on R & D: QianKun has always paid great attention to R&D. Started since July of 1990, QianKun has constantly developed the market, updated its equipment, innovated on production technology and improved its quality control system. Some products we developed filled the national blank and become substitute for the imported products.


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