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Wire mesh machine:
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Electric Welding Mesh Machine
Expanded Metal Machine
Barbed Wire Machine
Shuttless Weaving Machine
Chain Link Fence Machine
Square Opening Wire Mesh Weaving Machine
Wire Drawing, Coil and Wire Winding Machine
Razor Barbed Wire Machine
Mesh Panel Welding Machine
Shrink Packing Machine
Auto Nail Making Machine
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Shrink Packing Machine

AH-PES series shrink packing machine is advanced shrink PE packing machine, widely used in outside shrink package for medicine, cosmetics, stationery, plastic products, knitted cotton products, arts & crafts, floor, metal wire mesh, household electric appliances and pallet packaging of beverage.


1, This machine enjoys one-time finishing of conveying, heating, holding and colding.

2, With stainless steel electric heating pipe with radiator slip, high radiation effect.

3, Inside stainless steel mirror radiation plate, long-term effective heating radiation.

4, Temperature visible regulator, precise temperature, instant control.

5, Big power heat wind circle fans, good hot wind circulation effect.

6, Smooth speed precision 1%, a strong loading capacity

Main Technical Index

Specification AH-PES-4530 AH-PES-4545 AH-PES-6030
Power Three Phase 380V, 50HZ
Convey Speed 0-10m/min
Heating Channel
450x300mm 450x450mm 600x300mm
Max.Power 15kw 16kw 17kw
Outside Size 2600x660x1400mm 2600x660x1550mm 2600x810x1400mm

AH-BSD Series Shrink Wrap Packing Machine

This series of packing machines adopt shrinkwrap, widely used in light industry, foodstuff, beverage, sugar and fruits, cultural utensils, glass, ceramics, arts & crafts, printings, daily odds, medicines, hardware, metal wire mesh, toys,etc.


1, Temperature visible regulator, precise and visible control of temperature.

2, 6cm thickness of quality thermal insulation material, good insulating property.

3, High precision gear decreased speed asynchronous generator conveying.

4, Smooth speed precision 1%.

5, Convey loading > 50kg.

6, Big power heat wind circulation fan, good heating wind circulation effect.

Specification AH-BSD-4525 AH-BSD-4535 AH-BSD-4545 AH-BSD-7020
Power Three Phase 380V, 50HZ
Convey Speed 0-10m/min
Heating Channel
(width x height )
450x250mm 450x350mm 450x450mm 700x200mm
Max.Power 8.8kw 10.4kw 12kw 12kw
Outside Size 1500x660



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