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Retail and Wholesales Wire Cages, Baskets, Containers, Grills, Partitions, Shelves for Daily and Commercial Uses


We introduce welded and woven wire cages, containers, shelves and various wire fabricated products in this page with deep links for you to understand the separate products.

As many of the wire fabricated products are either made of welded wire mesh or going through the processing of welding, so welded wire fabric is very important for this kind of products.

Wire products are available in a wide range of fabrication forms and accordingly it can be further classified as the following:

Wire Shelves for displaying goods and stuff and storage;
Wire Racks for Holding of Stuffs;

Wire Grills for Autos;

Wire Cages for Livetraps, Feeding of Small Animals;

Wire Mesh Containers for Fruits, Goods, etc;

Wire Mesh Partitions for Separation Storage and Display of Stuff;

Wire Mesh Baskets for Food and Other Articles;

Wire Mesh Lockers.

Above wire products can be made either from woven wire or welded wire. Materials can be stainless steel, galvanized carbon steel or power coating.


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