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Filter Mesh and Filter Screens

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-04 Author :Glydes

Filter mesh

Expanded metal fabrication and expanded metal fabrics can be used as filter mesh in air filters, fluid filters and other filtration fields.
The filter mesh, typically stainless steel woven wire mesh cloth, can be supplied in rolls or in cut pieces or strips.
Filter mesh materials: Stainless steel.
Opening: Square, or rectangular.
Filter mesh weaving patterns: Plain weave, twilled weave, Dutch twilled, etc.

Filter mesh can be also other materials: brass wire mesh cloth, nylon cloth, polyester screen, etc.

Filter mesh can be made into mesh belt  for convenient uses.

Filter mesh can be woven wire mesh cloth, expanded metal fabrics, sintered wire mesh or sintered web fabrics.

Filter Tubes:
Woven wire mesh cloth can be cut to certain sizes then welded together into tubes for filter uses.
Filter tubes application: In chemical, medicine and other industries.

Filter Screen:
Woven stainless steel filter screen in different sizes.
Filter Discs:
Single or multi-layer woven wire mesh cloth welded together. Different shapes including discs are available.
Disc sizes: can be customized.
Filter mesh materials: Brass, stainless steel, bronze, phosphor bronze, etc.
Filter Basket:
Filter mesh welded into filter baskets of various sizes and with different filtration ratings.

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