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WireMeshManufacturers.Com Members make, sell and deal with a wide range of wire mesh and related products and services. As wire mesh finds so extensive applications in almost all the industries, so it is difficult to classify them sometimes only according to the end uses.

We try to give some rough idea of some popular Wire Mesh Products from Materials, Processing and Application as follows.

1.Woven Wire Mesh Series: This category mainly refers to these wire mesh fabrics made with metal wire by the processing of weaving in square or rectangular openings. According the materials applied, woven wire mesh can be further classified into:

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh;
Brass Wire Mesh;
Nickel Wire Mesh;
Aluminum Wire Mesh;
Galvanized Wire Mesh;
Black Iron Wire Cloth;
Other Woven Metal Meshes.

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2. Welded Wire Mesh: This category refers to the wire fabrics made by welding the wire or steel bar together in certain openings. Welded wire mesh is the most popular industrial wire mesh widely used in construction, building, fences, protection, isolation, barriers, partition and other fields.

3. Window Screening: This belongs to woven wire mesh yet special for making of door screens or window screens. Due to its large amount of uses in daily life, we separate it to a single category. Window screening is also called insect screen, fly screening or mosquito netting. It can be made into the following materials:

Stainless Steel;

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Window Screen Fabrics: Fiberglass Insect Screen
Fiberglass screen is a new trend of window screen fabrics and sunshade screen in replacement of common galvanized window screening.

Traditional window screen has many shortcomings such as short service life, easy damaged and get rusty. Fiberglass screen is one of the major insect screen products for window screening supplied by China local manufacturers and exporters. Due to the reason that the materials are PVC coated fiberglass yarn, fiberglass screening is also written as PVC coated fiberglass screen sometimes. Fiberglass is written as fiber glass or glass fiber in some areas.
The main related products involved include Fiberglass Insect Screen, Glass Fiber Window Screen, Fiberglass Sunshade Fabrics, Fiberglass Yarn, Fiberglass Coated Mesh for Geotextile Fabrics and Fiberglass Mesh Weaving Machines.
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4. Architectural Wire Mesh: Strictly speaking, architectural wire mesh only refers to the woven decorative wire mesh for making of ceilings, wall decoration, isolation fabrics, sunshade screen in architecture designs and decoration. Normally, we also include the perforated metal or expanded metal used for decorative design uses.

5. Fences: This is a big category of wire products. It may refer to various wire fabrics or panels that isolate or separate stuff or buildings or area. Wire fences are available in various fabrics and materials:
Chain Link Fence
Aluminum Fence
Expanded Metal Fence
Welded Wire Fence
Woven Wire Fences
Fence Panels

6. Metal Sheets & Gratings:
Expanded Metal
Perforated Metal
Angle Beads
Rib Lath

7. Wire Processed Products: Wire is versatile and can be made into some hundred kinds of items for industrial and daily uses.

Wire Grills;
Wire Racks;
Wire Mesh Partitions;
Wire Shelves;
Wire Baskets;
Wire Containers;
Wire Mesh Strainers;
Wire Cages for Dogs, Birds and Pets.

8. Wire Cloth Filter Products: Wire mesh can be processed into filters and filter elements. Available in the following forms:

Filter Discs;
Pack Filters;
Stainless Steel Pleated Filter Element;
Stainless Steel Cylinder Filter;
Welded Filter Bags;
Welded Filter Tubes.

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9. Machines & Devices:
Wire Mesh Weaving Looms
Welded Wire Mesh Machine
Expanded Metal Machine
Chain Link Fence Machine
Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine
Wire Drawing and Galvanizing Machine
Fence Panel Making Machine
Window Screen Machine

10. Wire: Major wires our members deal with can be classified as follows:
Galvanized Wire;
Annealed Wire;
Black Iron Wire;
Tie Wire;
Plastic Coated Wire;
Carbon Steel Wire;
Barbed Wire;
Razor Wire;
Stainless Steel Wire;
Brass Wire;
Nickel Wire;
Aluminum Wire.

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