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This page mainly provides information of steel wire we produce.
  Carbon spring steel wire for spring mattress is a top quality product of Hebei Province which is suitable for making spring for spring mattress on the machine of high speed,continuous,autowinding spring.Carbon spring steel wire can also be used for the spring of other mattress,as well as cushion spring.The technical index of carbon spring steel wire for spring mattress meets the Q/JSH4901-9 standards.
Bead wire we produce is a top-quality product of Hebei Province. Bead wire is used for making steel wire bundles in tyre-cover rims for automobiles, motorcycles, tractors and aircrafts etc. Bead wire can also be used in other weaving things. The technical index of bead wire meets GB11450-93 standard.We can also produce bead wire at customer's requirement.  

Our Products: Stainless Steel Wire, Steel Wire, Zinc-Plating Wire

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