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Air Bag Filters of Knitted Wire Mesh

  FROM wire-product.com Date:2007-01-15 Author :Denis

We can supply airbag inflator filters made of compressed knitted wire mesh elements.  Already a proven filter media, knitted wire mesh airbag inflator has the ability to stand up to hostile operation environments and its many configuration options. We are among the first in China to produce knitted wire mesh airbag inflator filter elements.

Made from alloys that will not fail in the high-temperatures caused by inflation, knitted wire mesh filters will conform to any size and shape requirements and can also be optimized to filter specific size particulate.

Aiming at providing the best knitted wire mesh solutions, Anping Wire Mesh Co. has the experience and know-how to design knitted wire mesh airbag inflator filters to fit any specifications. We can also supply airbag filters at your specific request at competitive pricing.

Knitted Wire Mesh Removable and Reusable Insulation:
Besides supplying knitted wire mesh air bag filters for automotive, we can also supply knitted wire mesh for removable & reusable insulation blankets, covers and jackets. Knitted wire mesh is an ideal removable and reusable insulation material.  Manufactured from alloys chosen for specific operating environments, knitted wire mesh is particularly effective in temperature extremes or in corrosive environments.  Due to its construction, knitted wire mesh is also inherently flexible and durable.  For R&R insulation pads, customized items that are frequently removed and reinstalled and have to fit almost any dimensions, these characteristics are more than just appealing.  

We can knit from various wire diameters and knit different sizes.
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