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Mesh Grill

  FROM Original Date:2007-01-30 Author :admin

Wire Mesh Grill mainly comes from expanded metal or woven wire mesh, for car front grills or back kit grill mesh.
Variety include aluminum mesh grille, stainless steel mesh grill or alloy metals.

Mesh grill sizes vary according to the auto types, mainly used as car filter parts.
Auto Part: Aluminum Mesh Grill
Typical Sizes: 12" x 60"
Grille materials: Made of Aluminum
Grille opening: Diamond.

Sort: Wire mesh grill, honey comb type, actually diamond opening.

Some autos are fitted with stainless steel wire mesh grills.

Stainless steel mesh grills are much expensive compared with expanded metal grills in aluminum, but much stronger and serving a longer life.

Grill mesh uses:
Car Grills:
For all your domestic car grill. In this site, you can find many wire mesh manufacturers that can custom produce mesh grill and grill inserts. 

Body Kit Grill Mesh:
We have grill mesh for most sizes. From 6"x36" up to 18"x48" . We have the largest selection of grill mesh on the internet!
Truck & SUV Grills
Quality aftermarket grills, and our own billet & mesh grills. Most grill inserts just drop right in without any cutting or drilling. 
Universal Mesh Grill Sheets
Diamond, Hexagon, Oval, and Woven Wire universally sized grill mesh sheets are perfect for any car grill project. Small, Large, & Flat grill mesh styles.

To contact expanded metal grille manufacturers of China, send email to: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com or browse the detail contact of factories on www.china-hshui.com or www.wiremesh.org  

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