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Reinforcement Mesh

  FROM Original Date:2007-01-31 Author :admin

Reinforcement Mesh:
Reinforcement mesh comes mainly from expanded mesh, welded wire mesh or welded steel bar sheets.

Reinforcement Expanded Metal Mesh is supplied in coils or sheets, adding strength to the brickwork and concrete.

Reinforcement mesh width: Can be customized.

Reinforcement Corner Bead:
Made of expanded metal mesh for reinforcing of angle beads in construction of ceilings and walls.

Reinforcement Welded Mesh Panels:
Supplied in welded steel sheets of different openings and out sizes.

Brick Reinforcement Mesh:

Welded wire mesh works popularly as steel reinforcing material. It is manufactured from cold drawn carbon steel. Welded wire and panels are especially used in construction.

Welded wire mesh is successfully and economically used in reinforcing all sorts of concrete structures, such as slabs, walls, beams, and column footing, highways, tunnels and galleries. Welded wire mesh is especially suitable for concrete reinforcement. Welded wire mesh are also used for garden fencing, safety railings and suspended ceilings.

For brick reinforcement mesh and cement reinforcement from expanded mesh or welded mesh, send email to wiremeshorg@hotmail.com or visit China manufacturers by browsing: www.china-hshui.com or www.wiremesh.org


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