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Metal Scraper Mat

  FROM Original Date:2007-06-01 Author :wiremesh

Metal Scraper Mats


We supply shoes scraper mats, entrance mats, metal mats for residences and matting for industrial uses.

Metal Mats Materials: Galvanized steel or stainless steel.
Processing: Interlocked cold-rolled steel rods and strips
Standard metal scraper mats and heavy type metal mats

Wire mesh scraper mat for shoes cleaning enjoys nice appearance, it is durable and economic cost. Scraper mats are widely used in offices, train station, wharf, hotels and residential houses. We produce several kinds of wire mesh scraper mat: animal hair scraper mat, stainless steel scraper wire mesh mat, super-thin scraper wire mesh mat, galvanized steel scraper wire mesh mat, colored scraper wire mesh mat.

Application of Flexible Steel Mats: It is perfect for breaking up plugs on golf course fairways, dragging baseball infields or track surfaces, and for soil preparation for lawn seeding. The Mats-of-Steel Standard Mat rolls up like a carpet for easy cleaning and offers a smooth level rugged surface. It is very good for assembly lines around oily machine areas and as an outdoor entrance scraper mat. Each type is available with pull attachments for drag mat work and both feature a galvanized finish for increased rust resistance.

Entrance metal mats are used as shoe cleaning scraper matting in front of the door at home, hotels and other public places. Also called door mats, welcome mats, etc.

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