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enquiry of electro galvanized wire

  FROM Galvanized-wire.com Date:2007-06-09 Author :wiremesh

Glad to know you as a manufacturer of ELECTRO GALVANIZED STEEL WIRE
We are the leading Importer of electro galvanized steel wire in Vietnam for 3 years .We import 5-6 orders / year with quantity full cont' 20' / order and distribute them in workshops and factory .  Workshops and factories use electro galvanized steel wire to reinforce pipes .
We are looking to buy galvanise steel wire, detail as follow :
Diameter : 0.8 mm ( #20 ) 1.0 mm ( #19 )
Grade : stiffer type prefer
Quantity : 1x 20' FCL /per month or 10 x 20' per year.
Payment : L/C at sight
Please kindly inform if you can supply and quote your best price C.I.F.
Bangkok, Thailand.
I will be a good customer.
Specification as follows :
Standard : China
Zinc coat : 17g/mm2
Net weight : 150kg / coil
Tensile strength : 1850-2150 N/mm2
Size : 1.8mm : C65# - quantity 5 coils
Size : 1.6mm : C55# -  7 coils
Size : 1.4mm : C55# - 3 coils
Note :
Only  one size and only one wire in a coil
Not be brittle and fragile
Purpose of use : to  roll steel wire  around plastic pipes to reinforce pipes .
If you can assure this specification , pls contact with us and send quotation , samples and catalog for our reference as soon as possible . Factories and workshops is very  strict in  quality , last time , one China manufacturer  supplied brittle wires and it effected too much to our prestige and production of our customers .
Hope to receive your valued co-operation.
Best Regards
Rosa Thuy Du
Import Executive
Url: http://www.galvanized-wire.com
E-mail: denisli2006@yahoo.com

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