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Woven Filter Cloth

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Product Group: filter cloth 

Product Description
Our company deal in various industry used filter cloth mainly they are widely used in separating solid from liquid and reclaiming dust in oil refining, chemical field, mineral, smelting, charcoal making, dyestuff, and medicine fields, food fields.
Main product:

Polyester series,
Polypropylene Mono filament series,
PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) series,
PA (Polyamide)series,
If you need more detail spec, please contact me.

Trademark:  USA,Canada, Austrian
Model: Daheng
Standard: iso 9001
Productivity:  100000m2
Unit Price/Payment:  T/T

Woven Square Wire Mesh:

We manufacture meshes from the following wires: bare steel and zinc-coated, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, of polyamide filament and other materials at a customer's request.

Woven Crimped Mesh
Basic parameters:

aperture width: 10 - 120 mm in the case of multi-notch meshes and
4 - 40 mm in the case of single-notch meshes
wire diameter: 1.0 - 5.5 mm
mesh width: up to 2000 mm
meshes are made in the form of sheets

Chain-link mesh
Knitted chain-link meshes

They are produced in three varieties:

Knitted floor meshes made of steel bare wire
Knitted 'chain-link' meshes with square apertures, knitted from flat spirals made of steel bare and zinc-coated wires
They are manufactured in compliance with the standard BN-83/5032-02. At a customer's request we may manufacture a mesh which will be in compliance with the German standard DIN 1199 (part I).

'Chain-link' meshes knitted from bare or zinc-coated wires covered with PVC material.
Size parameters:

wire diameter: 2.0 - 2.6 mm
diameter of wire with PVC coating: 3.0 - 3.6 mm
aperture size: 50 x 50 mm
mesh width: 500 - 3000 mm
most often used green colour of the coating material
At a customer's request we may manufacture meshes of different colours of material and different aperture sizes.

Glass fibre mesh is used in the building industry. It is used mainly to insulate buildings.

Welded Reinforcement Mesh
Welded meshes are made of bare wire.

Basic parameters:

wire diameter: 2 - 8 mm
aperture size: 25x200 mm
mesh width: up to 1500 mm
mesh length: up to 6000 mm

Fencing meshes
Basic parameters:

wire diameter: 1.4 - 3.0 mm
aperture size: from 20x20 mm to 50x50 mm
mesh width: 500 - 3000 mm

Basic parameters:

wire diameter: 1.2 - 3.0 mm
aperture size: from 10x10 mm to 50x50 mm
mesh width: 500 - 3000 mm

Wire baskets fro stones
for river regulation

We manufacture baskets for stones from wire of different aperture sizes, of different sizes.

Perforated Sheet Metal
This also includes the commonly used Round-, Square-, Slotted perforated sheet metal according to DIN/ISO 24 041 to 24 043 and DIN/ISO 4185 part 2.
Over and above the commonly used materials for perforated sheetmetal : steel, hot-dip / electroplate galvanized steel or aluminum, we also offer these products in stainless steel, copper or titanium zink ex stock.
Naturally we also manufacture perforated sheet metal according to your specific demands. You will find an overview of our manufacturing abilities at Tools available for perforated sheet metal - Special manufacturing.
Our large assortment of perforated sheet metal products are also complimented by the Edge profiles that we offer - these offer simple solutions to round off the edges of any perforated sheet metal construction, or serves as a holding structure for perforated sheet metal - these are available in round as well as square cross sectional profiles, in the most commonly used materials.
Perforated sheet metal for special applications are deliverable within one week. Special manufactured perforated sheet metal, according to client requirements can be delivered within 14 working days.
We also offer the service of manufacturing client-specific punching tools and dies on request.
The LASERcut und Watercut services of ADMAR are setting new standards in the Sheet metal manufacturing Industry , and materials with extreme thickness can be cut stress-free on our CNC controlled machines.
Main Menu of the used abbreviations:
QG  = Square holes in straight rows RG  = Round holes in straight rows
LV  = Slotted round holes in staggered rows RV = Round holes in staggered rows

Gratings - and ventilation Grids

Special manufacturing of ADMAR EP-gratings : Send us your (not binding) Enquiry via e-mail or FAX with your drawings. (please look also :  technical terms - load diagrams and tables)
our product range - made-to-measure
galvanized or stainless steel no. 1.4301 / or 1.4571 
smooth or riffled 
rectangle and square meshes 
special mesh dimensions are possible 
special shapes (round, rectangular ... etc.) are possible 
special dimensions are possible up to 4000 x 2000 mm 
full gratings (suporting bars and spacing bars are equal) 
ADMAR manufactures the right grating for a wide range of applications
Tecnical terms for standard gratings  - suporting bars up to 60/3 mm, material K60
Loading table heavy gratings - suporting bars up to 120/5 mm, material St 52-3
Please choose the required grating or grid from the illustrations on the left side. The following pages are available :

EP standard gratings fo the industry, EP standard stairs, louvre grids for venetian blinds, gratings for heavy load, SP type steel gratings, GRP plastic gratings, aluminium gratings, roll-up gratings for convectors,  ventilation.

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