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  FROM Date:2007-12-07 Author :wiremesh


Expanded metal fencing systems are designed for a number of applications from perimeter demarcation to the highest level of security.  Our range caters for many sectors across the UK and can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you are replacing an existing fence or opting for a brand new one.   
Systems Specifically Designed by Expamet Security Products
Diamond – General fencing
Primary – Educational Premises
Fastrack – Rail Industry
Channel – Utilities Water Industry
Electra – Utilities Electric Substations
Super Security – High Security
Features / Benefits
·         Expanded Metal Mesh – Difficult to penetrate and scale
·         More aesthetically pleasing than palisade or chain link
·         Strong and Durable.
·         Excellent through vision and ease of installation
·         Competitively Priced
·         Galvanised with the option of polyester powder coating.
General Fencing – Industrial / Commercial / Retail / Hospitals / Car Parks
Education – Schools
Rail – Trackside / Level Crossings / Depots / Bridges / Stations
Utilities – Water Treatment Works / Sewage Treatment Works / Reservoirs / Pumping Stations
/ Substation Security / Telecommunication Compounds.
High Security – Airports / Ports / Prisons / High Security Establishments, Institutions
Expanded metal fencing Channel
• Channel for water industries
• Prohibits trespass & vandalism

Expanded metal fencing Electra
• For electricity industries
• Prohibits trespass & vandalism
Expanded metal fencing Fastrack
• Specific design for rail industry
• Simple installation
• Deterrent to criminal trespass and vandalism 
Expanded metal fencing Primary
• Designed specifically for schools
• Excellent through vision
• Colourful powder coating available 
Expanded metal fencing Diamond
• The original Expamet Fencing System
• Versatile - used in all sectors
• Secure alternative to palisade or chain link fencing 
Expanded metal fencing Fixafence
• Existing posts can be used
• Upgrade to modern security standards
• Cost effective installation 
 Expanded metal fencing Security
• Difficult to penetrate and scale
• Improved aesthetics
• Ease of installation
Expanded metal fencing  Super Security
• Total perimeter system
• Maximum level of security
• Unique parallel mesh strand
Url:  http://www.expandedmetal.cc
E-mail: metalmesh006@yahoo.com

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