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Debris Netting (Scaffold Netting)

  FROM Original Date:2007-12-04 Author :wiremesh

Debris Netting (Scaffold Netting)

We offer debris netting (debris net) made of plastic netting for a wide range of site construction protection and safety. It can be classified into two major kinds: vertical used debris netting and horizontal type.

Horizontal Debris Netting: To enclose the building with horizontal debris netting to avoid the death or harm may caused due to the falling of the construction materials or workers;

Vertical Debris Netting: To stop and catching of the falling materials from higher places with the vertical type debris netting. Mainly used to protect the workers in the lower places during construction.

Benefits: Debris netting (scaffolding netting) has the following features, such as high strength, good flexibility, easy installation, environmental protection, soft, no-pollution due to the property of plastic netting products. It is also corrosion resistance, rot resistance and weather proof.



1, Debris netting has high density of mesh, 2000openings per 100 cm2. It can effectively prevent broken stones and bricks, with much better safety function compared with products of its kind.


2, Special woven and knotted methods are adopted in making of debris net to ensure a strong knot without sliding; well-maintaining opening sizes; durable for use, cost economically.


3, Debris net offers good ventilation and lighting to achieve closed working.


Common Size: Length at 1.8m, width of 6m, area of 10.8 square meter.

Application: Debris net is suitable for site construction of buildings, installation, high space working, power station, ship, reservoir and other fields.

Debris Netting                                        Debris Net                                     Debris Safety Net

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