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Debris Netting (Scaffold Netting)

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Debris Netting (Scaffold Netting)


We are manufacturer and supplier of construction debris netting and scaffolding netting in China. We offer Flame Retardant Debris Net,HDPE Mesh Knitted Debris Netting,Vertical Debris Net,Horizontal Construction Fine Mesh Debris Netting,Building Construction Safety Netting,Debris Scaffold Netting,Plastic and Nylon Netting,Fall Protection Netting Barrier.Defirst is your reliable source for debris netting, building safety systems and service. Defirst can offer you various grades of safety mesh and nets. Contact us for further information on this product.

We offer debris netting (debris net) made of plastic netting for a wide range of site construction protection and safety. It can be classified into two major kinds: vertical used debris netting and horizontal type.

Horizontal Debris Netting: To enclose the building with horizontal debris netting to avoid the death or harm may caused due to the falling of the construction materials or workers;

Vertical Debris Netting: To stop and catching of the falling materials from higher places with the vertical type debris netting. Mainly used to protect the workers in the lower places during construction.

Benefits: Debris netting (scaffolding netting) has the following features, such as high strength, good flexibility, easy installation, environmental protection, soft, no-pollution due to the property of plastic netting products. It is also corrosion resistance, rot resistance and weather proof.



1, Debris netting has high density of mesh, 2000openings per 100 cm2. It can effectively prevent broken stones and bricks, with much better safety function compared with products of its kind.


2, Special woven and knotted methods are adopted in making of debris net to ensure a strong knot without sliding; well-maintaining opening sizes; durable for use, cost economically.


3, Debris net offers good ventilation and lighting to achieve closed working.


Common Size: Length at 1.8m, width of 6m, area of 10.8 square meter.

Application: Debris net is suitable for site construction of buildings, installation, high space working, power station, ship, reservoir and other fields.

Debris Netting for Scaffold Safety, Wind Breaking and Shading

Scaffold is very important devices in constructions requiring safety protection for both its workers and the people around the scoffold. Scaffold netting can be knit polyester, high density polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC-coated polyester, or knitted polyethylene fabrics.

Debris scaffold netting is foldable, air flowing, shading, low cost and has a wide application in construction, bird control and agriculture netting uses. Available in green, black or other colors.

Building Scaffold Safety Net Fencing Fabrics

Using for :

Mainly used to cover building under contruction or re-construction, also used as sport fencing, temporary fencing, feed lots, chincken farms,public areas etc.

Function: To prevent people or objects falling and to avoide or reduce falls and physical attack damage. Guarding screen barrier for workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.

Scaffolding safety net barrier system is composed with primary netting fabric, liners, rings, selvage rope, reinforcing rope and tying ropes.

Material:Polyethylene (HDPE)
Length: 1m-300m as per requirement
Width: 1m-6m as per requirement, Max.6M
Color: Green,Black, White, Red or as per requirement
Weight: 15g-300g/square meters or as per requirement
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle
Easy to install, economic and secure solution
Treated with UV: Ensure the nets keep long lifespan
Packing: roll or bundle.

HDPE Debris Netting, High Mesh Density, Flame Retardant

Material: knitted knotless virgin HDPE.
Length: 50m-100m or as required.
Width: 2m-10m or as required.
Weight:100g-300g / square meters or as required.
Contains reinforced edges at side and middle.
Easy to install, Economic and secure solution.
Treated with UV: ensure the nets keep long lifespan.

* Scaffolding Enclosures and Safety Netting
* Wind Protection or Paint Overspray
* Temporary Walls and Dust Control
* Sandblast Containment or Fence Line

* Knitted Debris Fabric
* Available in 50%, 70% and 90%
* Installs Easily & Easy to Handle
* Can be hung Vertically or Horizontally
* Open weave allows air movement
* Flame Retardant & Non-Flame Available
* Can be purchased in yellow, green, blue, black or white
* Roll Goods, Custom Fabrication

150gsm Green HDPE Mesh With UV Treatment for Debris Netting

Debris Netting                                        Debris Net                                     Debris Safety Net

For more information on Debris Netting or Scaffold Netting , send email to wiremeshorg@hotmail.com

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