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Wire Mesh Screen Woven & Welded in Stainless Steel and Other Metals

We introduce various wire mesh industrial screens made of woven wire or welded wire. Metal materials can be stainless steel, galvanized iron, polyester or carbon steel. Patterns can be crimped wave or woven flat. Wire mesh screen can be also written as wire screen. We also call wire mesh used for windows window screen.

Crimped Wire Mesh Screen:
Made with pre-crimped stainless steel or galvanized wire going through several weaving patterns of interlock, single lock, doublelock to form a wave like fabrics. Mainly for mine sieving.

Quarry Screen:

Quarry screen is mainly used in petroleum mine and coal mine with three typical patterns of screening mesh cloth:
One is diamond opening; the other is triangle while the third one is wave type. The opening sizes can be varied.

We offer universal quarry screen easily fit any screen deck. Single deck or multideck screens are available.
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Sieve Bend Screen:

Arc type sieve screen, mainly for mine developing. Mostly welded together with wire mesh screen and steel sheets.

Stainless Steel Screen:
Wire mesh screen made of stainless steel is greatly strengthened with the property of the metal materials. For filter and various industrial uses.

Wedge Wire Screen:
Vibrating screen is a kind of wedge wire screen. Made of woven wire fabrics.

Wire mesh screen can be divided into welded screen or woven wire screen according to the processing of wire fabrics.

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