Wire Mesh Manufacturers (WMM)

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Anping YinHe Wire Mesh Co.,:Razor Wire Barbed Tape and Stainless steel wire mesh is our latest product. We produce both straight type razor barbed wire also concertina coil type razor barbed wire, stainless steel razor barbed wire or galvanized iron razor barbed wire tape. Traditional Galvanized Barbed Wire is also available for customers purchase.

Anping County Wire And Wire Mesh Factory : manufacturer and exporter of metal wire, wire mesh, wire cloth, stainless steel wire mesh, filter screen, screen printing mesh, hexagonal wire netting, welded wire mesh and other wire mesh products and wire mesh machines.

Hualong Micronic Wire Mesh Weaving Factory:Major products of Hualong also include Woven Wire Cloth in brass, copper, phosphor bronze, nickel or other metal materials, some special stainless steel woven wire cloth products like Dutch Woven Wire Cloth for Belt Screen Filters, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Printing Screen, so Green Utensile Packing and Pulp Moulding Wire Mesh.

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Hebei Kanglida Metal Net Co.: manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel wire mesh, brass, copper wire mesh and cloth, gal. square hole wire mesh and many other kinds.Email:info@chinawirenetting.com.

Hebei YingKaiMo Wire Mesh Co.:
manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh and brass wire mesh.
E-mail: sales@china-wiremesh.com

Anhua Hardware & Mesh Products Co., Ltd
manufactures and exports a variety of metal wire mesh and cloth, as well as conveyer mesh belt, polyester mesh, sieve mesh, and wire mesh machines.

Jin Yuan Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. :manufacturer of Heavy Type Welded Wire Mesh,Standard Welded Wire Mesh,PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh,Welded Wire Mesh Panels.

Mesh Master Co., Ltd. is specializing in various wire mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire,garden products, iron wire, nails etc.

HuaYang Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of wire mesh and screen products in Anping, Hebei Province, China. We have rich experience in weaving stainless steel wire mesh, wire cloth, brass wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh.......http://www.mesh-wire.com

Lianda Filter Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized manufacturer of melting filter elements and disc filters.

Anping Wire Mesh Group Corporation, known as Anping County Feihe Wire Mesh Group Co., Ltd now, is a professional company engaged in production and sales of metal wire, wire mesh and processed products, combining wire drawing, mesh weaving and late processing together.

Anping Huan Yu Stainless Wire Mesh Factory
is specialized in weaving stainless steel wire mesh and industrial wire cloth for fine filtration and sieving use. E-mail: info@hy-stainlesswiremesh.com

Anping Jinke Wire mesh
:manufacturer of wire mesh filter discs made of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh,black wire cloth, etc. E-mail:sales@jinkewiremesh.com

Yongsheng Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Co.
is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of stainless steel woven wire mesh (coarse wire mesh) and stainless steel woven wire cloth (micronic wire mesh) in Anping, Hebei Province of China.

Hebei Fangzheng Wire Mesh Co.
manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh, brass wire mesh, welded wire mesh, hex. wire mesh and wire netting against mosquito.E-mail: sales@fzwiremesh.com

Ruiqilong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. :manufacturer of stainless steel wire mesh,expanded metal mesh,barbecue grill wire netting and other wire mesh. E-mail: info@rql-wiremesh.com

Anping Wire Mesh Factory : manufacturer of metal wire mesh ,wire cloth,wire netting,and wire mesh machine.

Anji Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. - manufactures stainless steel woven wire mesh, brass wire mesh, and steel iron wire mesh and cloth products.

Hebei Tianxing Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd :manufacturing of various metal wire mesh, also supply metal wire products.

anping Yongsheng Wire Mesh:Major products include, Welded Mesh, Galvanized Square Wire Mesh, Hexagonal Wire Netting, Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Cloth, Brass Wire Mesh, Expanded Metal Mesh, Conveyer Belt Mesh, all kinds of Window Screen, also Galvanized Iron Wire and Stainless Steel Wire.

Ansheng Wire Mesh Product Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacture and export of metal wire, wire mesh and filter element products. Our main products are nickel wire, brass wire and stainless steel wire, with a diameter from 0.03mm to 2.00mm; nickel wire mesh, brass wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh, from 1mesh to 500mesh per inch; industrial woven wire cloth, 5-heddle weave and other type


Manufacturers: fengdong fur: manufacturer of fur garments , fur plates, dressed furs, fur accessories made from quality skins of rabbit( hare, chinchilla, fawn), rex, fox , kid ,Tibet lamb, mink.

  • Chemical Industry:

    Hengshui Meiya Dyestuff Chemicals Co., Ltd. : has been a professional producer of indigo blue dyes since its foundation in 1994, invested solely by Hongkong Mei Ah Dyestuff Chemicals Co., Ltd. This company is sited in Hengshui City, Hebei Province of China, occupying a total area of 20,000 square meters.

    Silicon Monoxide ( SIO) Factory: manufacturer of sio used in thinfilm coating and optical coating.

  • Hebei YaTai Chemical Plant: manufacturer of persulphate and chlorate series chemical products,mainly ammonium persulfate, potassium perchlorate, sodium chlorate and sodium perchlorate.

    Dongfeng Group: It is the biggest manufacturer of sebacic acid in China,also produce sebacic acid related products.

  • Hebei Meilida Pigment Industry Co., Ltd. is a Sino -American joint venture company. The annual production capacity of Phthalocyanine blue pigments is 1800 tons,

    Jiheng Group: the biggest producer of cyanuric acid, sodium dichloroisocyanurate(DCCA) and trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) in China,also produce potassium bromate sodium bromite and other chemical industrial products

  • Renyuan Group: produce highly active spherical Ni(OH)2, power Ni-MH battery and Ni-Cd battery

  • Anping Fireworks Factory - manufacturer and exporter of large firework shells and displays.
  • Hengshui Fireworks Factory: Hengshui Fireworks Factory takes a lead of the display fireworks enterprises in China with a good reputation at home and abroad.
  • Art&Craft:

    Ji Bao Zhai collection majors in porcelain of Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, as you can see by clicking on the objects in our web page. The purpose of this site is to expand China's traditional historical culture on one hand, to discuss and exchange with experts home and abroad