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Wedge Wire Screen | Vibrating Screen

  FROM Glydes Date:2007-01-25 Author :Glydes

Wedge Wire Screens
We can supply wedgewire screen and vibrating screen in stainless steel and other special steel metals and alloy metal screens.

 We can supply wedge wire screen and vibrating screen for OEM equipment and we can also design and produce wire mesh screens to meet your specific requirements.


Wedge wire screen mainly find uses in following applications:
Coal mine;
Liquid and solid separation;

Filtering screen, etc.

Screen mesh fabrics for wedge wire screen and vibrating screen can be:
Woven wire mesh cloth;
Welded wire mesh screen;
Other metal screen.

Wedge wire screen frame materials: stainless steel, coated carbon steel, etc.


We supply wire mesh screen in panel shapes or cylindrical screen, grid and sieve wedgewire screens for the production of wine, beer and food products. 

Vibrating screen can be single or double layered screen welded together.
Frames for wedgewire screen or vibrating screen can be different materials according to the application field.


For more information about wire mesh screen and manufacturers, please visit: www.wiremesh.org or contact wiremeshorg@hotmail.com

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