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Woven Wire Fences

  FROM original Date:2007-01-26 Author :Glydes

Woven Wire Mesh Cloth, Woven Wire and Fences Manufacturers of China:

Woven wire is available in materials covering:
stainless steel wire;
carbon steel wire;
aluminum wire;
copper wire;
nickel wire;
alloy wire.

Patterns of weaving:
Plain woven wire;
Twilled woven wire;
Dutch woven wire cloth.
While the opening of woven wire can be square, rectangular.

Varieties of woven wire include: woven wire mesh, woven wire cloth, woven wire screen, woven wire fences, woven wire partitions and other woven mesh products.

Woven wire can be supplied in the form of:
Cut pieces and discs;
Pabricated into cylindrical, tube  and other forms.

Used mainly as:
Coarse woven wire mainly serve as separation screen, grading screen for mine, grain and other products;
Fine woven wire cloth mainly serve as filtration wire mesh cloth in chemical, foodstuff, metallurgy, pharmacy and other fields.

For more information and contact China manufacturers of woven wire, send email: wiremeshorg@hotmail.com or visit: www.wiremesh.org

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