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Sintered Wire Mesh Filter

  FROM Sinter Filter Tech Date:2007-01-29 Author :Yuan

Sinter Filter Technic Co.:
China professional manufacturer of sintered wire mesh and fabricated filter discs, pack filters and filter elements.
Sinter enjoys advanced technology to produce filter media made from multiple layers of woven metal wire mesh sintered together into a rigid, durable, porous structure, called multi-layer sintered wire mesh sheets.

Sinter Filter Technic is a professional manufacturer of sintered wire mesh laminates and its finished filter products.

It is one standard combination sintered wire mesh for the widest application. 5-layer wire mesh made from stainless steel are brought together as per the below combination. They are sintered together through vacuum sinter and rolling and made into a kind of porous plate. It has the superior advantage of high durability, high strength, easy to wash than the other filter materials


High strength: Excellent resistance to pressure and high mechanical strength due to the fourth and fifth layers reinforced, 
Corrosion resistance: Corrosion resistance as a result of adopting 316L
High accuracy: Outstanding filtration performance as it is arranged in the second layer, control layer is obtained well in protection and dispersion 
Heat resistance: Heat resistant up to 480??
Washability :      Easy to wash, especially back washing owing to the surface filtration structure

MATERIAL: Standard material is SUS316LꡧAISI 316L?
PRODUCT SIZE: Standard five-layer sheet size after sintering is 500x1000mm ?600x1200mm, sheet sizes in the above-mentioned range are also available according to customer needs

Note: Plus 12 mesh on basis of 5-layer sintered wire mesh become 6-layer sintered wire mesh, thickness  3.5mm?and fine resistance to pressure.

Polymer filter, Solid-liquid separation,  pharmaceutics,  Electric power, Air filter,  Oil well , Chemical industry , Water filter , Beverage , Oil filter

Special Sintered Wire Mesh
The special sintered wire mesh are classified two types. One type is that several layers of plain woven wire mesh and perforated metal are sintered together. The other is that several layers of plain woven wire mesh are sintered together. The former enjoys the advantages of superior permeability and high mechanical strength. The latter has the characters of good permeability, low pressure drop, high accuracy and easy to wash?The other constructions are also produced according to customer’s requirement.

MATERIAL for Special sintered wire mesh: Standard material is SUS316L(AISI316L)
PRODUCT SIZE: Standard sintered wire mesh sheet size after sintering is 500x1000mm? 600x1200mm, sheet size in the above-mentioned range are also available according to customer needs

Finished Filter Elements Products
Sinter Filter can also supply filter discs, pack filters and various filter elements made with our own sintered wire mesh filter materials.

Filter Elements Materials: Stainless Steel Sintered Wire Mesh Laminates.
Filter Elements Supplied: In pipe filters, disc filters, pack filters, welded filter tubes and other forms.
Application: Sintered wire mesh filter elements are used in polymer filters, electric powder filter, chemical, pharmaceutical field, air filter, beverage filter, dryer, oil well, plastic rubber industry, etc.
Sizes of Filter Elements we supply: Various. We can custom produce for your specific needs.

For more information about us, pls contact: sales@sinter-filter.com or click www.sinter-filter.com

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