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Wire Mesh Demister Pad

  FROM Orginal Date:2007-02-08 Author :admin

Demister Pad made of knitmesh:
Also named wire mesh demister or knitted wire mesh demister, or simply demister pad.

Used to remove the steam or vapor in the processing equipment.

Demister pad materials: Knitted wire mesh, in stainless steel.
Woven types of mesh pad: Knitted wire.
Wire mesh demister can be supplied in many colorful and different designs available.

Knitmesh demister pad can be produced according special requirements.

Wire mesh demister can be supplied into different pad diameter and pad thickness.

Wire mesh demister is a gas separation equipment used to wire mesh demister tower, evaporation and separators and other equipment.
Wire mesh demister pad benefits:
Demister pad has high efficiency;
Knitted wire mesh demister pad has simple structure, good resistance;
Wire mesh demister is economic and high efficient.

Wire mesh demister pad is mainly used for petroleum, chemical, medicine, light industry and metallugy.

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