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Diamond Mesh and Diamond Metal Lath

  FROM Original Date:2007-02-28 Author :Glydes

We can supply diamond wire mesh woven, chain link, expanded metal or perforated metal for customers.

According to the materials, diamond wire mesh can be offered in the following types:
Diamond wire mesh, electro-galvanized;
Diamond mesh fabric, plastic coated;
Diamond mesh of other metals.

Diamond mesh can be also written as chain link fences in fencing uses, in the weaving type of chain linking. Diamond mesh chain link fence mainly serves as horse fencings with its feature of economic cost and flexibilities.

Diamond wire mesh fences features:
Economic cost;
Long service life.

In regard to the processing differences, diamond wire mesh can be classified into woven diamond mesh, chain link diamond mesh, expanded metal diamond mesh and perforated metal in diamond openings.

Expanded diamond mesh can be used as metal lath in plastering in constructions.
Expanded metal diamond mesh lath features:
Economic cost;
Universal uses.

Diamond mesh expanded metal uses:
As rib lath and metal lath for construction or as corner beads for steel structure.

For more information, Go to: Anping Puruise Expanded Metal Factory
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