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Wire Mesh Belts for Conveyor

  FROM wovenwire.net Date:2007-03-09 Author :wiremesh

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt: China Manufacturers

We have rich expertise in producing wire mesh belts.
Wire mesh belt is made with woven wire mesh and strips. Woven wire belts has the property of unchanging and flat surface.

Available at:
Wire mesh belt in carbon steel;
Wire mesh belt in stainless steel;
Wire mesh conveyor belt in galvanized iron wire;
Nickel-chrome alloy wire mesh belts;
Polyester wire mesh belt.

Weaving Patterns:
Common structure wire mesh belts;
Reinforced wire mesh belts;
Sectional wire mesh belts;
Special wire mesh belts.

Uses: Woven wire mesh belts are used as assembly for machines in conveying food products, petroleum, metallurgy, medicine, glass, screen printing machines.

Wire Mesh Belt WB33:
Wire diameter: 4.0mm; Strip diameter:6mm; Strips per meter: 33 pieces; mesh coils per meter:40 coils.

Wire Mesh Belt WB52:
Wire diameter: 2.8mm; Strip diameter:2.8mm; Strips per meter: 52 pieces; mesh coils per meter:60 coils.

Wire Mesh Belt WB57:
Wire diameter: 2mm; Strip diameter:2mm; Strips per meter: 57 pieces; mesh coils per meter:71 coils.

Wire Mesh Belt WB72:
Wire diameter: 2.8mm; Strip diameter:2.8mm; Strips per meter: 72 pieces; mesh coils per meter:80 coils.

Wire Mesh Belt WB92:
Wire diameter: 2.8mm; Strip diameter:3mm; Strips per meter: 52 pieces; mesh coils per meter:100 coils.

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