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Woven Wire Fabric: Member Manufacturers of China-hshui.com

  FROM Date:2007-05-23 Author :wiremesh

Woven wire fabrics and welded wire fabrics are the mostly used industrial wire mesh products for a wide range of applications.

Woven Wire Mesh Fabrics: Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Woven wire mesh and wire cloth in stainless steel or other metals are mainly used as filter wire mesh, filter wire cloth or wire mesh screen. Stainless steel wire mesh is also written as stainless steel mesh, stainless wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh cloth, stainless steel mesh screen, stainless steel wire netting mesh or stainless steel woven mesh. We introduce stainless steel wire mesh and information on stainless steel woven wire mesh and materials here.

Variety According to Processing Difference:
1, Woven Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:
Stainless Steel Square Opening Wire Mesh ( Plain Woven & Twilled Woven)
Fine Filtration Wire Mesh Filter Cloth (Dutch Plain Woven, Dutch Twilled Woven, Five-Heddle Woven & Dutch Reverse Woven)
2, Welded Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
3, Twisted Hexagonal Wire Netting in Stainless Steel
4. Crimped Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screening
5. Perforated Metal Sheet in Stainless Steel
6. Expanded Metals in Stainless Steel

Stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into stainless steel insect screening, stainless steel wire mesh filters, stainless steel woven fencings, etc.

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